Production Capabilities

We feel it is important for any potential client to understand what we can do immediately for you and how we can adapt to your circumstances.
We work on a one shift, 4-week rotating production schedule. This can be increased to a 2–3 shift system as capacity demands

Our Present Standard Facilities

UK manufacturing facility 60,000 square ft

200/1000/2000/5000/7000/12000 Litre Liquid Mixing Vessels
Heated Liquid Blending Facilities up to 7000 litres

Reverse Osmosis and Demineralised Water Plants

10 Head Liquid Filling Line

7 Head Liquid Filling Line

4 Head Liquid Filling Line

2 Dual Head Liquid Filling Lines

3 Single Head Liquid Filling Lines

Vacuum Filling Line for Fragrances/Perfumes

2 x Tube Fillers

3 x Gift Assembly & Packing Lines

10 Head Fully Automated Talc Filling Line

4 Head Semi Automated Talc Filling Line

5 Single Head Talc Filling Lines

2 Granular Salt Filling Lines

Powder Mixing Facilities 200kg to 5000kg

Small Powder Batch Sampling Line

Pick And Pack Facility For Online Clients

In House Formulation & Development Laboratory

Various Pack Off Equipment / Shrink / Sleeve / Box

Several Assembly Areas For Manual Packing Operations