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For enquiries regarding liquid or powder used in the HOUSE or on your BODY – We want to speak to you – We can help you – BY SHARING IN EACH OTHERS BELIEFS


household-icon Expac are committed in offering the best solutions to our clients needs, at which ever stage of the product life cycle that may be. Our continued endeavour to exceed our clients expectations in all aspects of Contract Manufacture, have led to the development of several of the most ground breaking products to enter the household market in recent times. From conception to completion, Expac would like to hear from you. A list of our product expertise can be seen below;

  • Washing Up Liquid
  • Toilet Cleaners
  • Furniture Polishes
  • Leather Care
  • Products Probiotic
  • Cleaners Trigger
  • Cleaning Sprays
  • Powder/Glass/Stainless Steel Cleaners
  • Automatic Cleaning Products
  • Lint Rollers
  • Laundry Products
  • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners
  • Fragrant diffusers
toiletry-icon Expac use unique, exciting and exotic ingredients in order to develop innovative products that stay one step ahead of the competition within the toiletries sector. From high end luxury product ranges to large volume mass market brands, Expac have developed and continue to develop a wide range of product expertise and knowledge ready to be shared today.

  • Shower Gel
  • Body Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Foam Bath
  • Facial Wash
  • Leg & Foot Gel
  • Body Oils
  • Exfoliating Products
  • Gift Sets
  • Germ Protection
  • Products Liquid
  • Hand Soaps
  • Body Polish
personal-care-icon Expac work hard to exceed our customers’ expectations through high levels of quality and efficiency. With a vast range of product expertise and tried and tested formulations that consistently perform within the personal care sector. From a new product development idea to fully established brand owners, Expac would like to hear from you. A list of our product expertise can be seen below;

  • Hair Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioners
  • Hair Serum
  • Bath Salts
  • Bath Grains / Sugars
  • Hand Lotions
  • Body Lotions
  • Scrub Products
  • Balm Products
  • Spa Products
  • Gel Products
  • Fragrances
  • Perfumes
powder-icon As the leading producer of Talcum Powder in the U.K, Expac maintain a vast experience in satisfying large orders – a million units plus, as well as having the flexibility to cater for smaller orders as low as 1000 units. With several automated filling lines and a wealth of knowledge and experience our dedicated team await your enquiry. A list of our product expertise can be seen below;

  • Talcum Powder
  • Body Powder
  • Dusting Powder
  • Baby Powder
  • Prickly Heat Powder
  • Medicated Powders
  • Bicarbonate Of Soda Powders
  • Sanitizing Powders
  • Cleaning Powders
  • Organic Powders
  • Starch Powders + Fragrance Free Alternatives
  • Foot Powders