Further Developments HACCP Training


Last year Expac recorded one of our most successful years with growth of approximately 30% on the previous year. This growth has seen a large increase in the number of units being produced and passing through the factory. With production increasing it is vital that we ensure we keep on top of the quality of the products being produced and guarantee that the quality is of the highest possible standards. In order to fulfil this requirement 6 members of staff from various different departments within Expac have taken a course on HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). HACCP is a preventive approach to food safety, allergenic, chemical and biological hazards which can be found in production processes.  Rather than being a finished product inspection approach like many quality systems, HACCP looks to prevent potential hazards from occurring in the first place.

In order to gain the HACCP accreditation for the 6 members of staff we enlisted the help of Advanced Food Safety Ltd. The 6 members of staff were identified from across the 3 core sectors of the business; operations, production/quality and engineering. With us already having a HACCP system in place it was decided that by having a multi-disciplined team all trained on HACCP this would enable us as a business to push the ‘nothing but quality’ ideology throughout the entire company. With HACCP now being present within all areas of the business this will help to reduce any potential risks to quality from occurring altogether.

I am pleased to inform you that all members of staff passed the course and we are now striving to further improve our quality management approach through using the techniques learnt from the HACCP course.


Mark Langtree

Managing Director


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