Alcohol Filling Plant Progress – 06/08/2013

Following on from the successful completion of several orders through our new alcohol filling hall, the development of this production facility is coming to an end. We have now installed industrial grade extraction throughout the room which shall help to ensure that the facility meets with health and safety guidelines.





Extraction units are located by both mixing vessels, above the filling head and next to the crimping & capping area. This ensures that all areas where there is a risk of the alcohol fumes being released from the product are mitigated. These extraction units have been installed in both of the alcohol filling rooms and extract the air to an external chimney.






Along with the extraction, Expac has also put strict safety procedures in place to again ensure that safety is the number one consideration when it comes to this production facility. With us processing large amounts of alcohol during the day there is always a risk factor, so the company has taken full measures to ensure that safety is paramount.



We are looking to continue to develop this production facility over the coming few weeks as there are still a few more improvements that we would like to make. Even though the alcohol filling hall is fully commissioned and running, we still have a few ideas as to how the production line can be improved and further services offered. We are closely looking into the feasibility of getting a cello wrapping machine to enable us to offer the full range of work that is involved with an Eau De Toilette product.

Should you have any enquiries regarding out alcohol filling hall please don’t hesitate getting in touch:

Call: +44 (0) 1772 453 925



Mark Langtree

Managing Director.