Alcohol Filling Plant – 26/06/2013

Following on from the update on the 24/05/2013 we have continued to work on our alcohol filling hall and are coming close to the project being fully complete. Over the past 5 weeks we have commissioned and installed the following pieces of equipment:

  1. x2 500 litre mixing vessels
  2. x2 500 litre holding vessels
  3. 8 tonne storage tank
  4. Alcohol chilling vessel
  5. In line filter
  6. All pipe work in place linking the entire system together
  7. ATEC rated electrics throughout entire production area




Now that all of the above has been installed we are in a position where we can blend, fill and pack alcohol based products entirely via the system that has been set up. As an overview as to how an EDT would be filled via our new filling hall please see the below process:

  1. Alcohol is delivered from the supplier and filled into the 8 tonne storage tanker.
  2. Alcohol is then fed via pipe work into the chiller where the alcohol is chilled to -4 degrees centigrade.
  3. Once at the correct temperature the alcohol is sent to one of two mixing vessels where water, fragrance and any other required materials are added to the mixture, these materials are then blended together to the formulation requirements.
  4. Once blended to the specified requirements the formulation is fed through to the filling heads where the product shall be filled, capped and palletised ready for collection.




With all machinery in place our alcohol filling room has the capacity to produce 15,000 100ml EDT products per day, which is a great development for the company. This project has gone extremely well for Expac so far and it has provided solid foundations for the company to move into a whole new market sector to work alongside the current business that we do.





Should you have any enquiries regarding alcohol based products please do not hesitate getting in touch by calling 01772 453 925, or alternatively feel free to email:

Steve Jones –

David Meredith –