As Expac’s performance within the market place continues to go from strength to strength, we as a company are doing all we can to ensure that the service and facilities that we provide are of the highest standards. In order to ensure this we have recently invested in 8 new Videojet Excel 1220 coding printers. These new coding printers shall alleviate the current ‘bottle neck’ that we have on the current machines and enable us to increase our daily output.


As demand on production has increased we have identified several areas within the business where we are constrained by the machinery that we have. Our coding machines being one of these areas. We often found ourselves in a position where several lines were waiting on a coding printer to become available in order for them to run. This of course was extremely counterproductive and caused several planning headaches! Therefore to combat this we have now commissioned 8 new Videojet coding printers which are ready to be put on line.


These new machines shall alleviate the bottle neck that we were facing previously and shall allow for a much smoother production flow within our business.