Over the past 3 weeks work has continued on the new alcohol filling plant here at Expac. The construction of the internal room has now been completed. The production area is a self-contained room using Coldroom wall panelling. We have had Atech rated electrical instalments throughout, 500l mixing vessel, dual vacuum filler and air pressurised cap crimper all set up within the new production area.




With the production area now commissioned and ready to produce we ran our first range of products through the new alcohol filling plant. As a first run this went very well with no issues arising. Key successes from this production run is that firstly we completed our customers order fully and to their specified requirements, and secondly, it has enabled us to assess the initial set up that we have and process engineer the production line to ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible. This shall be a continual process, as we manufacture more products we shall be able to continually fine tune our production line to bring benefits to both us and our customers.




Further work shall continue on our alcohol plant as we are now constructing a bunded area to contain our 8 tonne storage tanker. The storage tanker shall have a direct feed to the mixing vessel inside the building. This direct feed shall enable us to have a quicker turnaround time between mixes, thus increasing our daily output capacity.



Over the past month we have seen some great developments with our alcohol filling plant and plan to continue to push this progress right through to completion. Based on our current position we are aiming for an early June completion date and for the entire plant, including the direct feed from our tanker, to be commissioned ready to run on Monday 10th of June 2013. I shall continue to keep you updated, keep an eye out for the next update on our news feed page.