About us

Expac is a formulator & contract manufacturer focused upon Personal Care, Cosmetics, Fragrances, Household Care and Health Sectors.

We have built our entire customer base through “referral by reputation” – every customer we have worked with has been referred to us. No cold calls, no trade shows and no pushy marketing, just an outstanding reputation for quality products, people and service. Expac’s impressive list of customers’ range from £multi-million multi-nationals to brand owners working from home, hoping to become the next multi-national. That’s what makes us different. Flexibility.

We can offer you leading-edge market knowledge, insight into the requirements of retailers, a feel for future market opportunities and innovation to create your competitive advantage.

If you have an existing range that you would like to grow, or even just an idea that needs taking to the next stage, we would like to hear from you. We specialise in a close working alliance to help grow your profits.

Do you use a contract-manufacturing company?
Do you have products produced overseas?
Do you have your own manufacturing facility?
Do you have an idea that you want to take to market?
Do you own brands and want a manufacturing partner?
Do you have issues sourcing packaging?
Do you require a fully-accredited BRC partner?

Own Label or Branded – Large or Small

If you have answered YES to any of the above questions we’d love to hear from you. Expac would like to be your first choice supplier and we hope that you get as big a buzz out of working with us as we get from providing solutions to your manufacturing issues.
Please do not hesitate to click on the contact page; we welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific projects and ideas with you soon.

Supporting Innovation – Supporting Growth
Paul Atkinson
Managing Director



Expac is a family-owned business established by Brian Langtree (1st Generation) in November 1980. From its early beginnings as a contract packer to the retail trade, specialising in gift-packing, the company has evolved to focus upon the manufacture of household and toiletry liquids and powders – in bottles, tubes, jars & bags – it can go into anything you wish.
We are a traditional, family-owned and run BRITISH manufacturer with a reputation for flexibility, quality and outstanding service, complimented with a very special personal touch.

As with any company that has traded over 30 years, we have had our good times and our challenging times. By working through these you gain immense knowledge, not only about our industry sector but about business in general.
The present management team has over 300 years experience in the manufacturing sector between them, we want to share that with you.
Without going into chapter and verse we felt it of interest to highlight the time-line that charts key points in our history

Click through the slideshow below to explore our timeline.