Alcohol Filling

Following on from a successful year last year it was decided that Expac were in a position where we could look to assess the feasibility of expanding the business into new markets. Following on from several review meetings it was decided that investing in a new alcohol filling facility would be most beneficial to the current structure of the business.

Following this decision the company stepped up a gear and we began the installation of our new alcohol filling hall. 6 months down the line we have an alcohol production facility that has the capability to produce 10,000 alcohol based units per day (based on 100ml fill). Following on from the £120,000 investment we have commissioned and installed the following equipment:

  • The production area is completely secluded from all other production lines by using cold store walls throughout.
  • 8,000 litre alcohol storage tank directly linked to the internal mixing vessels.
  • Chilling vessel that has the capability to chill the alcohol to -4 degrees centigrade prior to being filtered through to the filling heads. This is particularly important for finer fragrances.
  • x1 500 litre mixing vessel.
  • x2 500 litre alcohol storage vessels.
  • Cello wrapping machine. 
  • Full pipe work has been installed to link the entire system to the filling heads enabling us to achieve the 10,000 100ml units per day.
  • All electrics within the facility have been installed to the required ATEC standards.
  • Every piece of equipment has been earthed to ensure that the room meets the required safety standards.
  • We have the capability to crimp seal metal actuator closures.
  • Batch coding; as standard throughout our entire production facility. 

The above equipment is only the initial phase of investment being made on this facility. We are also planning to invest in a cello wrapping machine to enable us to offer another packaging format which is involved with the finer fragrances. We shall also be monitoring the demand on the alcohol plant closely as there are finances in place to invest in a second filling line to double our output should this be required.

If you have an enquiry that involves our alcohol filling plant please do not hesitate getting in touch via any of the below methods:

Call: +44 (0)1772 453925